Contingency Search – One of our more popular executive search options. Our fee is based on a percentage of the “placed” candidates annual salary. Our fee is due on start date. In addition too, clients receive hiring assurance. Each candidate receives a 90 day warranty. Should our “placed” candidate leave or is terminated within the 90 day warrant, Presley Consultants Inc. will replace the “placed” candidate at no additional charge. If our client replaces candidate based on their own recruiting efforts, Presley Consultants Inc. will credit 50% of the paid fee for 6 months towards a future search. These searches are chosen for positions with annual salaries ranging from $60,000 - $125,000.

Regional Recruiting Campaign – These are great options for recruiting campaigns that require similar experience levels within a similar discipline in
Supportive Human Resource Services – PCI will create and indentify the current competitive set within a commutable distance. This will insure that all efforts for your recruitment team will have all necessary and accurate information to make confidential direct solicits. This particular support will benefit organizations that currently have an internal recruiting team.

multiple locations (ex. 3 sales managers positions available with salary scales of $45,000 - $55,000 within Southern California). Presley Consultants will charge a hourly fee based on a minimum of 20 hours. We also offer unlimited resume and phone leads to our clients HR department. Our staff of recruiters will create an authentic recruiting campaign using telemarketing, social networks and web recruitment strategies.

Retained Searches
– PCI will charge a set fee payable in three terms. The initiation fee to begin the search, secondary PCI provides three qualified candidates based on the agreed upon candidate filter. The remainder of the fee is due on the candidates start date. This search option is typically reserved for positions of $150,000 annual plus.